"Weird retro Punk Country Western..
"Tex Nihilo doesn't push the envelope, he seals it, stamps it, and delivers it to the far side of the moon.
If heartbreak and despair are the staples of Country Western,
get ready for smorgasbord and rib barbecue dinner." - Rolling Stone

I know it was dumb to be in Rolling Stone. I've got some advance cuts from his soon to be latest. Just listen and forget the chatter about Tex selling out..Covering songs is like serving 3 day old Coke, but what Tex does here to Tammy, Bruce and Barbra is tres kewl.


Bored in the USA - An Anthem. Forget Bruce.
Forget Francis Scott whatever. This is an Anthem.
Missing You - Been missing you babe,
but my aim is improvin
Past ain't past enough - Takes more than hair dye
to get rid of these roots
Ballad of Jeffrey Dahmer -- People who eat people
are the luckiest people in the world.
Stomp on Your Man


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