"There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity." - General Douglas MacArthur

We have no real bone to pick with that think tank of similar name. Our eyes are on the future not them. But there really is nothing particularly new about their fainthearted recommendations. They are okay as far as they go, but not near far enough. What else could you expect from a retirement home for aging ex-liberals. When we say New American Century, we mean New. Here are some ideas. For more details see our position papers.

What would be new is good old American ingenuity. Ingenuity not ingenuousness. This country wasn't founded on "We hold these half truths to be self evident" so tell it straight. The present administration has a story a week. If you want your fair share of the world's resources, you're talking Empire, and if your talking Empire you're talking killing. Not necessarily pyramids of skulls, but as Tamerlane and Caesar and all the great Empire builders knew.... It Takes A Pillage

And why should the Army conquer an area and then sit around just playing traffic cop. (Conquer, there's a boldly correct word. We leave the euphemisms like liberate to other more timid souls). This is strictly 20th Century routine and alright for Mr. Crystal-Gazer but give the military a real mission. Bringing the best system, the best culture on earth to the world. We see a grand partnership between multinational Corporations and the Army with the creation of hit the ground running Globalizing Transformation Units. If the corps of engineers can put up a runway pronto, why not a sparkling new mall, crowned with the golden arch of McDonalds.

Overnight the archaic decaying facade of a decrepid society can be completely transformed. Arm the GTU's with chainsaws and forests can be harvested faster than you can say clear cut. And please no more talk nof saving anything. Leave that to your Aunt Tildie and her scrapbooks. The world is about change. Get with it, or be swept away by it.You want the biggest Business Park and Theme Park in the world, the GTU's can pave the Amazon if need be. Impossible? Whatever happened to "The impossible takes a little longer" spirit.

While we're on the subject of "impossible" what about China? Are we still stuck on that silly phrase "land war in Asia" If we had let Mac have his way we'd have gotten over that hang up 60 years ago.

Another thing to have gotten over is other currencies. They should be eliminated by 2007. This may be unfortunate for the money speculators, but this country has to bank on ideas not currency manipulation. It's time to say to the Euros "Buck You".

All of this is of course secondary to developing a new source of energy. Marching around the world pathetically scavenging up the dwindling remnants of fossil fuels should be beneath our dignity. Whatever did happen to American ingenuity? We're not suggesting solar, that's fine if you're an algae or a fig tree. We're not suggesting nuclear, it won't suffice and we don't want to be cleaning up our mess for 16,000 years. We mean new.

The effort would dwarf the Manhattan Project which required no breakthroughs in scientific theory. Budgeting would have to include paying for paradigm shifts, casting aside entrenched interests, as well as the usual R&D costs. We put it at 500 - 600 billion a year. A healthy chunk of GNP to be sure. But what's even more sure is the dire consequences of trying to sell the world on our way of life when there's not the energy to pay for it. This is the challenge that will make or break our civilization. Take it and the century will be ours, refuse it and we'll spend the money trying to build walls high enough to keep us from the chaos.







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